Two Videos In The Chamber

Posted by on Sep 3, 2013 in News


After dealing with an insane amount of data, making sure it’s organized and backed up (Using 7 terabytes worth of external hard drives), I now have two videos in cue.  First is the much promised Halong Bay Video.

While the idea for the Halong video is all set, and the files are waiting to be cut, the music isn’t.  I’m probably going to have to use an unlicensed song and just throw it on youtube, hoping it doesn’t get blocked…  An unfortunate reality.

The second video is one I shot in a Hostel in Kiev Ukraine as a joke.  It was too cold to be outside, so a few of us in the hostel shot the footage and found some Russian Rap for the idea.

Hopefully both will be done in a week or so, and then back to the Full Feature.

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