Music, Footage and the Legal Stuff


Music Music

Music is one of the most important parts of a film.  While we know there are thousands of talented musicians around world with incredible music who want to be heard, the challenge is finding them.  If you believe your music would fit into a film, send it on over.  We won’t use it unless you say it’s okay.


Footage Footage

There is never too much.   If you have some awesome footage, we want to see it!  Full credit we’ll be given to the videographer for any footage that we use.  An easy way to get your name in the credits and help make a film better!


How to Send a File

We’ve found the easiest way is through “WeTransfer”.  No sign up required.  Just upload your content, fill in the blanks and click “Transfer” (Click here for instructions.  Max file size per transfer is 2GB).  All you need from us is our email:

Click the button to get started.

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Legal Legal

Unfortunately we live in a legal world.  To protect the hundreds of hours that go in to shooting and editing a film, we must make sure we have the right to edit people into it.  If you or your property are apart of a film we need to have you sign one of the releases below.

(click image to open document).

Talent Release    Location Release    Notice of Filming